Nick Sim




Nick is an effective bilingual emcee hosting in both English and Mandarin, interpreter from English to Mandarin vice-versa in seminars and workshops. Nick aka Ah Bao 阿保 joined the Singapore media since year 2001 till now and has been given a lot of opportunities to co-host morning prime time programme on Chinese FM radio, guest co-host in various radio stations and television programme in Singapore.


He had spent couple of years as a networker in a Singapore network marketing company since year 2003 till 2008 from part-time to a full time networker. Nick had successfully built his team from nothing and also came to various points in his career as a networker, he had to start from zero to build his own team again. With his experiences in multi-level marketing company, Nick has been sought to conduct sales, mindsets & beliefs, networking, motivation and team building relevant training programmes for multi-levels marketing companies, Insurances company and also direct-sales companies. Nuskin (Singapore) and Amway (Singapore) have engaged Nick and his team to interpret their seminars and conventions in Singapore from English into Mandarin, vice-versa. Eascox (Singapore and Malaysia) has invited him to train their distributors from Singapore and Malaysia for two consecutive years.